musician. otom was born in tokyo, japan in 1976.
works with guitars, computers, MaxMSP and many musical instruments to create drone, experimental, electronica, acoustic sound and audio/visual works.
otom formative years otom grew love many movies and soundtracks and otom keeps influencing those music and movies now.
otom then began to play the guitar when 14 years old. otom loved 60's to 70's music, especially important that artists were making beautiful chorus work and like a floating sound.
and otom met my bloody valentine, galaxie500, flying saucer attack, slowdive... and many electronica artists, most important artist is fennesz. so fennesz's sounds made him change an output.
otom made 4albums and 6eps so far, since about 1998. and also early years, otom has another name that called "alphabet", it changed a name on the first of 2008.
now, otom keeps on making loop, drone, experimental, electronica, acoustic, ambient, noise sound with using MaxMSP.

also otom started new record label that name is halftone records. otom always looking for label artists. please visit if you interesting it.

otom (オトム)