Without You / otom

Without You

otom released new Song, "Without You" in May 5, 2018. "Without Yo ...

May 11, 2018

Grapes / otom


otom Released New Song, "Grapes" in December 10, 2017. otom is a Japan ...

Dec 10, 2017

Talk / otom


otom Released New Song, "Talk" in October 15, 2017. otom is a Japanese ...

Oct 16, 2017

Wanderers / otom


otom Released New Song, "Wanderers" in July 7, 2016. otom is a Japanes ...

Jul 10, 2016

Hidden Sun(Single) / otom

Hidden Sun (Single)

otom Released New Song, "Hidden Sun" in March 21, 2016. otom is a Japa ...

Mar 21, 2016

New Life / otom

New Life

otom released new song, "New Life" in December 10, 2015. otom is a Jap ...

Dec 16, 2015

Film Fetish Original Soundtrack / otom

Film Fetish Original Soundtrack

Film Fetish Original Soundtrack by otom 11th album by otom. "Film Fetish&qu ...

May 09, 2013

hidden sun / otom

Hidden Sun

Hidden Sun by otom 10th album released by otom. "hidden sun" has most ...

Jul 07, 2008

girl ep / otom

Girl EP

Girl EP by otom "girl ep" for girls. most pop side one by otom. you ca ...

Nov 29, 2007

hi-liter / otom

Hi​-​Liter EP

Hi-Liter EP by otom songs for "kawahara tetsu" of otom’s friend, ...

Nov 15, 2007

melody of second year / otom

Melody Of Second Year

Melody Of Second Year by otom melody of second year is 4th ep by otom. all track ...

Nov 15, 2006

hereafter / otom


Hereafter by otom 3rd full instrumental album. the sound styles are ambient and ...

May 15, 2006

ride on the cloud / otom

Ride On The Cloud

Ride On The Cloud by otom the second of a series of pop ep. 4track pop song and ...

Jan 01, 2006

the night in the rainbow / otom

The Night In The Rainbow

The Night In The Rainbow by otom this ep has most pop guitar songs. the best one ...

Jan 01, 2005

voice called from within the wall / otom

Voice Called From Within The Wall

Voice Called From Within The Wall by otom 2nd album concept was folk sort of tra ...

Aug 15, 2004

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