Seasons (Single) / otom

Seasons (Single)

Seasons is a middle tempo post-rock, ambient and shoegazing song. The main featu ...

Mar 24, 2019

You Lost Me (Single) / otom

You Lost Me (Single)

You Lost Me is a up-tempo shoegazing song. It was arranged with distorted and cl ...

Feb 20, 2019

Snowfall (Single) / otom

Snowfall (Single)

Snowfall is a mid-tempo nu gaze and dream pop song. This song features a floatin ...

Dec 26, 2018

Normalize (Single) / otom

Normalize (Single)

Normalize is a faster shoegazing, dream pop song. It has the wall sound of rever ...

Oct 07, 2018

Bizarre Love Triangle (Single) / otom

Bizarre Love Triangle (Single)

Bizarre Love Triangle is a masterpiece of New Order. otom arranged it for a shoe ...

Oct 07, 2018

Without You (Single) / otom

Without You (Single)

Without You is a mixed of dreamy soundscape and heavy shoegaze, dream pop sound. ...

May 11, 2018

Grapes (Single) / otom

Grapes (Single)

Grapes is a mid-tempo Nu gaze, dream pop song. First, a loop of reverse guitar a ...

Dec 10, 2017

Talk (Single) / otom

Talk (Single)

Talk is a rhythmic dream pop, shoegaze song. This song has a little unique style ...

Oct 16, 2017

Wanderers (Single) / otom

Wanderers (Single)

Wanderers is a mid-tempo dream pop, shoegaze song. This song is based on a loop ...

Jul 10, 2016

Hidden Sun (Single) / otom

Hidden Sun (Single)

Hidden Sun is a mid-tempo nu gaze and shoegaze song. It has a dramatic sequence ...

Mar 21, 2016

New Life (Single) / otom

New Life (Single)

New Life is a up-tempo shoegaze and dream pop song. It is the first song after a ...

Dec 16, 2015

The Night In The Rainbow / otom

The Night In The Rainbow

this ep has most pop guitar songs. the best one of whole works of otom. tr1 &quo ...

Jan 01, 2005

Voice Called From Within The Wall / otom

Voice Called From Within The Wall

2nd album concept was folk sort of traditional and the sound of starting point. ...

Aug 15, 2004

Highlife EP / otom

Highlife EP

1st ep has 1 beautiful wisper voice track, 3 instrumental track and covering the ...

May 15, 2004

November Morning / otom

November Morning

November Morning is the first album of otom. This album is built with songs made ...

May 01, 2004