Bizarre Love Triangle (Single) / otom

Bizarre Love Triangle (Single)

Oct,07 2018 11:30

Bizarre Love Triangle is a masterpiece of New Order.
otom arranged it for a shoegaze, a little nostalgic folktronica feeling.
The feature of this cover arranged that famous bass line with heavy rhythm of the floor-tom.
And there is always a lo-fi loop in the background.
Then comes a vocal and unique chorus line different from the original.
And the guitars like a wall of sound will be coming.
You will listen an unusual arrangement of this greatest song, maybe.
This project started from 2006, And it finally complete.

If you New Order big fan, Don't angry me!
Have fun.

Bizarre Love Triangle is now available on digitally.
released October 1, 2018

It is released simultaneously with "Normalize" of otom's dream pop and shoegaze song.