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Dream Away / There is Still Time (Single)

Apr,21 2022 12:00

Dream Away / There is Still Time

Dream Away / There is Still Time is otom's single theme about expectation and reality. It composed of two songs with different styles, Dream Away with long tail reverse tone and ambience, and There is Still Time featuring distortion guitars and tight drums. While keeping the layered vocals and tone that is the style of otom, the beauty of the melody, chord progression, and simplicity of the arrangement are pursued.
It was rebuild around ideas from the early 2000s and produced since after the Cycle EP, released in November 2021. It is a more pop work, absorbing elements of the '60s soft rock, '80s new wave, and alternative scenes that have influenced otom.

Dream Away

A song about expectations and reality. This song was composed around 2003 as an outtake for the first EP "Highlife EP" (2004) and unreleased for a long time. After new lyrics and arrangements, it was re-recorded from the late of 2021. This song composed in the style of repeating chord progressions, one of the characteristics of otom's early works. It has a floating sound with acoustic guitars, e-bows, and flutes mixed with reverse effects. This song strongly inspired by the phrasing and ambience of Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil.

There is Still Time

A song of lament and expect. Unreleased song composed based on a phrase from around 2010. A pop song influenced by like a soft rock melody and atmosphere. Driven guitar sounds and phrases are mixed with it. Also, tight drums are another feature. The song emphasizes simplicity more than usual. The title is taken from a message in Stanley Kramer's film "On the Beach" (1959).

Just try it and have fun.

New single, Dream Away / There is Still Time is now available on digitally.
Released April 21, 2022(JST).

Process Of Dream Away

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