Novel - Timshel / otom

Novel / Timshel (Single)

May,09 2021 12:30

Novel / Timshel

otom's new work Novel / Timshel are based on the theme of "What we should choose".


Novel is a song about the feelings of worry about the situation of present day.
It is a song with a little faster tempo and feel like a include elements of Shoegaze and Math Rock.
It features bouncy drums and layered vocals, and the guitar and bass lines are built to mix with them.
It is also a song that is conscious of change of pace overall flow and placement fugue-style phrases at key points.


Timshel is a middle-tempo song with feel like a Shoegaze and Dream Pop.
It features a floating feeling guitars and multiple layers of vocal phrases.
These are built on loop-like drum phrases and free style bass.
The title "Timshel" is from John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" (1952).

New songs, Novel / Timshel are now available on digitally.
released May 7, 2021 on Bandcamp.

Are you interested to another version of Novel?
You will listen to Novel REMIX version on SoundCloud.

Novel (Remix)

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