Hidden Sun (Single) / otom

Hidden Sun (Single)

Mar,21 2016 13:00

Hidden Sun is a mid-tempo nu gaze and shoegaze song.
It has a dramatic sequence and melodic phrases.
First, electric piano loop is flowing the basis of this song.
And bassline and tone are so heavy and deeper sounds.
Melodic lo-fi guitar phrases will be coming in one after one.
Hazy and blurry vocals that are characteristic of otom intertwine with the guitars.
Layered vocals in Japanese lyric sing about the one day dream(it's not mean eclipse).
And then, heavenly and dreamy chorus part will wrap everything sound field.
The ending guitars are so noisy, emotional shoegaze sound.
The original version of this song is included in ep of The Night In The Rainbow (2005),
And included in 4th album of Hidden Sun (2008).

Hidden Sun is now available on digitally.
released March 21, 2016


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