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Film Fetish Original Soundtrack

May,09 2013 14:00

11th album by otom.
Film Fetish is a original soundtrack for Arashima Akihito's independent film.
This album is mainly recorded with acoustic guitars and original Max patches.
Also, it used a lot of projector sounds and movie theatre noises for making album.
Film Fetish is a one of suite and all songs connected between.

Film Fetish Original Soundtrack (2013)

1. Film Fetish Suite: Intro
It begin from film projector running sound that the opening of this album.
This track has sounds of projectors motor, running film and a lot of reverse instruments,
Then those will flow to next track.
2. Film Fetish Suite: Rebirth
Stuttered Acoustic guitar short track matched to the movie scene timing.
3. Film Fetish Suite: Night Flight
Night Flight is a sparkling song of overdubbed acoustic guitars.
This song is using for highlight of this movie.
And original version of Night Flight is included in
Voice Called From Within The Wall of 2nd album by otom.
4. Film Fetish Suite: Interval1
A drone track of projector and bustle noises for movie scene.
5. Film Fetish Suite: Flight Night
This track is remixed of Night Flight.
Flight Night is a track only for album and it used without in the movie.
6. Film Fetish Suite: Interval2
An another drone track for movie scene.
7. Film Fetish Suite: Found Objects
Found Objects is a song only for album.
This song is a outtake and it made for scene of Night Flight.
8. Film Fetish Suite: In Transition
In Transition is a song for an ending scene.
It has a tender and sweet acoustic guitars and melodic e-bow sounds.
9. Film Fetish Theme
Theme from Film Fetish, this song using for an end credit.
This song is a separated suite and a catchy instrumental song.
Film Fetish Theme made with overdubbed acoustic guitars.
Also it is using that sampled projector noises for rhythm track.

released 10 May 2013
all tracks written, performed and produced by otom

Film Fetish Original Soundtrack is out now on digitally at bandcamp.

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